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Please note that our site is barely begun. We hope to organize it, and fill it with life, recovery, help, and laughter. Won't you help us?


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12 Steps
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All Anonymous is an organization of men and women from any or many 12 step programs..  

 "Our liquor was but a symptom," in the basic text of Alcoholics Anonymous sets the stage for All Anonymous.  Most of us have/had many other "symptoms." Those symptoms include, but are not limited to any of the following:

Drug Addiction (Drugs Other than Alcohol)
Pharmaceuticals (Legal Addicts)
Lack of Food
Chronic Criminality
Poor Health
Extreme Religiosity
Spending (AKA Retail Therapy)

The list gets lengthy, but the results are the same.  We think that singular ego-based illness and recovery is a bit short-sitedMost of us have several symptoms besides the one that got us into recovery, symptoms that are killing us!.

For many of us, 

There are no meetings specific to our symptoms available anywhere around us, if at all. 
We thought we could control, maintain, or remove these symptoms by thinking, planning, or other means of self willpower. As time in recovery went on, these symptoms became more problematic, costly and ultimately deadly.
We couldn't address them in meetings without being told they didn't relate to the specific symptom of our group, e.g. alcoholism, codependency, compulsive overeating, etc.
We get sicker, never better, and although we succeed in our 12-step program, begin to decline slowly or quickly due to our other untreated addictions.
We were stuck and declining due to these untreated symptoms. Many of us ended up in emergency rooms, hospitals, disabled, jail, and/or early death beds.

Before AllAnon, we would laugh it off at meetings.  We would support one another's symptoms.  "Isn't Charlie great... he always brings doughnuts to the noon meeting!" "That Tom, he's a chick magnet." 

Or, we look down upon them, just like we wouldn't do with a sick alcoholic. "Poor Margaret, if she'd only stop eating everything in sight." "Larry's an idiot, spends all his money in Las Vegas." "Mike can't even move through his house. It's horribly cluttered. And he just keeps hoarding more stuff.  He's got problems, but thank God he's sober today."

Generally speaking, if you are having trouble getting past steps 6 & 7 on any symptoms in any program, then you may need to address those symptoms in a full 12-step program dedicated to that symptom.  So, if gluttony just won't go away and your AA program is doing fine, you might just need to work an Overeaters Anonymous program on it. 

Same with codependency. I can't tell you how many times I've sat through speaker meetings in other 12-step programs and listened to him/her spend the first ten to twenty minutes talking about their childhood abuse history complete with alcoholic rage-a-holic parents.  So, they are standing there telling us all that they need a codependency program desperately.  Yet, at the coffee bar after the meeting when someone suggests he try an Alanon meeting, he laughs out loud and makes a remark like, "Hell, I'm not that sick." And his compadres all laugh right along with that denial.  When in fact he's just told us all he is that sick.

We needed full recovery. We needed more than one program to address our other symptoms.   And we needed a meeting that allowed us to share from many perspectives at once, because we are individuals with multiple symptoms.  Now we have All Anonymous to find recovery for all of our symptoms united. AllAnon is a place where we can share ourselves, completely and fully, to address the real problem, the disease of self.

Here we can share from any or many perspectives.  I'm an alcoholic, an addict, a codependent, a smoker, and a compulsive overeater (to mention a few of my "symptoms").  I was welcomed here and can share from any one or many perspectives whenever I needed to.  All Anonymous provides a home for full recovery. No need to attempt to compartmentalize my sharing.  Just share!  We get it!

This site is intended to help point people to the meetings already set up and running and to help spawn more meetings where the need may be. Please add what you can to this site and help us grow our organization as you grow in your recovery. Feel free to email me with questions or comments at jimb@allanonymous.org. I posted this site to help spark more AllAnon out there.  But I can't build the site alone, I can really use your help.

Thanks for my recovery and blessings in yours! 

Jim B



Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an understanding place to share what's really happening in your life today, regardless of what program or programs may be affected.  Sharing without boundaries or rules. Bringing the whole person into the formula of 12 step recovery.


Our Organization

We have adopted an appropriately adapted version of the 12 traditions for our organization



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Welcome ALL! We know there are many groups already out there.  Also, new groups are forming every day.  This site is intended to be a central clearing house for information, ideas, meeting times and locations, articles, events, and much more.  

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