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Where there’s room at the 12-Step table for the whole person!   Double, triple, quadruple, and more winners are welcome here!

All Anonymous is an organization of people who qualify for any or many 12 step program/s. “Our liquor was but a symptom,” in the basic text, Alcoholics Anonymous, sets the stage for All Anonymous.  Most of us have/had many other symptoms and have sought recovery from a multitude of 12-step programs. AllAnon welcomes anybody who needs a meeting for whatever reason or who needs to share across traditional 12-step program lines.

You have a home at AllAnon! You can share from whatever perspective you need to.  We have no tradition guards telling you when you cross out of your program’s allotted symptoms, because we are here for the whole person!  Share your real, whole self!  Welcome home! Welcome to All Anonymous!

The Problem

I’m an alcoholic, a codependent, an adult child of an alcoholic family, an adult survivor of childhood incest, a drug addict, a nicotine addict, a compulsive overeater, a bulemic, and an anorexic.  I’ve attended 12-step programs for each of those over the years in order to get the “steps” worked on each specific symptom. I have reached the spiritual awakening with each of them, and am, today, abstinent from each.

Whatever your symptoms:  Alcohol, Drug Addiction, Pharmaceuticals (Legal Addicts), Food, Lack of Food, Sex, Relationships, Workaholism, Chronic Criminality, Poor Health, Poverty, Negativity, Isolationism, Extreme Religiosity, Spending (AKA Retail Therapy), Debting, Hoarding, Gambling, Need to Control Others,  and the list goes on and on.  It gets lengthy, but the results are the same for us all, individually and collectively!

We think the idea of singular, ego-based illness and recovery is short sighted, narrow mindedMost of us had several symptoms aside from the one that got us into recovery, symptoms that were killing us! Perhaps the most common is alcoholism and codependency or alcoholism and other drug addiction.

This isn’t a popularity contest. We are trying to improve our own quality of life in recovery and, at the same time, to offer the same to others via AllAnon.

For Many of Us

There were no meetings, specific to our symptoms, available anywhere around us, if at all!  Looking for a meeting where you can discuss your “stuff” in light of your alcoholism & codependency?  Double Winners are more than welcome here… they started this organization!

We thought we could control, maintain, or remove these symptoms by thinking, planning, or other means of self will (will power).  As time in recovery went on, these symptoms became more problematic, costly, and, ultimately, deadly.

We couldn’t address them in our usual meetings without being told they didn’t relate to the specific symptom of our group, e.g. alcoholism, codependency, compulsive overeating, etc. Have your heard this in your meetings’ opening remarks, “Please refrain from discussing problems other than ours in this meeting.”

Over time, we got sicker, never better, and although we succeeded in our primary 12-step program, we began to decline slowly, or quickly, due to our other untreated addictions.

We were stuck and declining due to these untreated symptoms. Many of us ended up in emergency rooms, hospitals, disability centers, jails, and/or early death beds.  All too often, you get to a meeting and hear about somebody taken to the hospital or perhaps dying from any number of other problems: heart attack, prescription medication overdose, suicide attempt (even though sober for 12 years!), long term effects of overeating, stress-related illnesses developed from some other obsessive long-term addiction.

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